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Everyday Is Like Sunday Everyday Is Like Sunday 2023/06/16 The Water The Water 2023/03/26 Mid Air Mid Air 2022/08/11 Mid Air Mid Air 2022/07/07 Only Human Only Human 2022/06/09 Never Gonna Change Never Gonna Change 2022/04/29 Life's Just Begun Life's Just Begun 2022/03/18 All or Nothing All or Nothing 2021/05/09 In Another Life In Another Life 2021/05/02 Changes Coming Changes Coming 2020/03/06 Out of My Head Out of My Head 2019/04/26 Still On Top Still On Top 2019/04/12 Bound Together Bound Together 2018/10/25 sadlylove sadlylove 2006/01/01 Kate York EP Kate York EP 2004/11/09