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Labios de Miel Labios de Miel 2022/09/22 Incorrecto Incorrecto 2022/07/28 Festering Festering 2022/06/17 The Way You Love Me The Way You Love Me 2022/01/07 Non é la fine Non é la fine 2021/12/03 Forever Forever 2021/08/06 Let Go Let Go 2021/05/14 Life EP Life EP 2021/04/30 Chrystaline Chrystaline 2021/03/12 Get Back Get Back 2021/01/08 All Join Us All Join Us 2020/10/02 Test Yourself Test Yourself 2020/08/07 The Up EP The Up EP 2019/11/15 So Good / Wanna Be Here So Good / Wanna Be Here 2018/09/28 Be A Star Be A Star 2017/10/30 Flashstorm Flashstorm 2017/10/06 Big Ol’ House EP Big Ol’ House EP 2017/05/22 INDEEP EP INDEEP EP 2016/09/05 Park Rex Park Rex 2016/08/19 Outbounds Outbounds 2016/06/02