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My Depression My Depression 2023/11/30 It's Too Late It's Too Late 2023/09/28 Memories of You Memories of You 2023/06/14 Got Me Stuck Got Me Stuck 2023/04/17 The Lonely Song The Lonely Song 2022/12/12 Better Me Better Me 2022/09/20 I Hate You Now I Hate You Now 2022/07/12 Bullies at School Bullies at School 2022/03/09 The Counting Song (1 to 100) The Counting Song (1 to 100) 2021/11/19 Jigsaw Jigsaw 2021/08/20 Diss Track Type Beats (Vol.1) Diss Track Type Beats (Vol.1) 2021/06/29 Serial Killer Serial Killer 2021/06/21 Psychopath Psychopath 2021/05/29 Lovesick Lovesick 2021/04/02