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Barefoot Martini Barefoot Martini 2022/04/27 Barefoot Martini Barefoot Martini 2022/04/01 Happy Place Happy Place 2021/08/12 Let Me Out Let Me Out 2020/09/21 Better Times Better Times 2020/09/21 Vaughan & the ChillCats Vaughan & the ChillCats 2020/04/16 Put Me Out of Your Misery Put Me Out of Your Misery 2019/10/14 Livin' on Island Time Livin' on Island Time 2019/10/01 The World Famous Trailer Bar The World Famous Trailer Bar 2018/11/21 Holler and a Swaller Holler and a Swaller 2018/11/07 Surf City Queen Surf City Queen 2018/10/31 Carolina Island Girl Carolina Island Girl 2018/10/30 Renew the Power Renew the Power 2015/06/18 Renew the Power (Radio Edit) Renew the Power (Radio Edit) 2015/05/01 Solitary Girl Solitary Girl 2011/10/01 Over My Head Over My Head 2007/01/01 Somebody Besides Yourself Somebody Besides Yourself 2005/05/17 Angels Fly Angels Fly 2005/01/01 Transcendence Transcendence 2004/11/16 Transcendence Transcendence 2003/01/01