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Demos: 2009-2012 Demos: 2009-2012 2020/06/19 Stains on Silence Stains on Silence 2018/06/15 The Impaled Mystique The Impaled Mystique 2018/05/31 Karoline Karoline 2018/04/26 Primitive Desire Primitive Desire 2018/04/21 25 25 2018/03/27 Dead to Me Dead to Me 2017/12/15 Revisionism Revisionism 2016/09/23 Zero Triptych Zero Triptych 2016/08/24 Arms Around a Vision Arms Around a Vision 2015/10/02 I Was You I Was You 2015/09/22 A Hunger Artist A Hunger Artist 2015/07/08 Reticence Reticence 2015/06/08 Zero Triptych Zero Triptych 2015/03/26 The New Life (Bonus Edition) The New Life (Bonus Edition) 2013/10/28 The New Life The New Life 2013/02/18 You Should Know By Now You Should Know By Now 2010/05/24