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Let Her Go Let Her Go 2023/12/08 Don't Say Don't Say 2023/08/11 My Ecstasy My Ecstasy 2023/06/23 Get Up On Your Feet Get Up On Your Feet 2023/05/19 Feed Your Soul Feed Your Soul 2023/04/21 Bad Lie Bad Lie 2022/05/06 I Love The Way You Move I Love The Way You Move 2022/02/04 Style Style 2022/01/06 Never Slow Down Never Slow Down 2021/09/24 Your Love Your Love 2021/05/06 Till One Till One 2021/04/02 No Problems No Problems 2020/09/04 Tired Tired 2020/07/17 Offbeat Offbeat 2020/05/15 Over & Over Over & Over 2020/02/14 Blow Blow 2019/07/19 Take Me Away Take Me Away 2019/05/30 U Got Me Burning U Got Me Burning 2019/04/29 Supersonic (feat. Christian Burns) Supersonic (feat. Christian Burns) 2019/02/18 Virus Virus 2019/02/01