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High Hopes High Hopes 2023/09/08 Coffin Nails Coffin Nails 2022/12/09 House of Restitution House of Restitution 2022/11/25 Escape Escape 2022/10/28 Black Valley Black Valley 2021/03/12 Take Away the Hurt Take Away the Hurt 2021/02/05 Crossed My Heart Crossed My Heart 2020/12/25 Right Down the Hole Right Down the Hole 2019/06/21 White Crow White Crow 2019/01/11 Stop Dreaming Stop Dreaming 2015/11/13 Stop Dreaming Stop Dreaming 2015/11/13 Gothic Blues Volume One Gothic Blues Volume One 2012/03/30 Damned Damned 2010/01/01 The Devils songbook The Devils songbook 2007/01/11 Gothic Blues Vol 1 Gothic Blues Vol 1 2001/01/01