Air Supply (空中補給合唱團) - The Ultimate Collection(世紀典藏)

Air Supply (空中補給合唱團) - The Ultimate Collection(世紀典藏)





All Out Of Love(逝去的愛)   04:04
Lost In Love(迷失在愛情中)   03:56
The One That You Love(你是唯一)   04:20
Every Woman In The World(世間女子)   03:32
Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)(有我在此)   03:51
Two Less Lonely People In The World(世上兩個寂寞人)   04:04
Just As I Am(只有我)   04:47
Even The Nights Are Better(愈夜愈美麗)   03:59
Making Love Out Of Nothing At All(愛瘋了)   05:45
I Can Wait Forever(愛你到老)
Air Supply (空中補給合唱團) - The Ultimate Collection (世紀典藏)
Lonely Is The Night(寂寞的夜)   04:14
Sweet Dreams(甜美的夢)   05:22
Time For Love(珍愛時光)   02:47
One More Chance(再一次機會)   03:59
Having You Near Me(有你在此)   04:10
I Can't Believe My Eyes(見證愛情)   04:37
Someone Who Believes In You(永遠相信)   04:17
Make It Feel Like Home Again(歸心似箭)   03:38
Young Love(年輕之愛)   03:55
I'll Never Get Enough Of You(永遠愛你)     03:50
The Power Of Love ( You Are My Lady )(愛的力量)   05:28
Chances(機會)   03:37
Come What May(無論何事)   04:03
What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted?(傷心之後…)     03:41
It's Not Too Late(永遠不會太遲)     03:52
You're Only In Love(最愛是你)     04:19
Taking The Chance(把握機會)   04:13
Tonite(今夜)   03:49
Where Did The Feeling Go?(遺失的美好)   03:51
The Eyes Of A Child(孩童眼眸)   04:36
Keeping The Love Alive(讓愛繼續)   03:39
My Best Friend(摯友)     02:40
When The Time Is Right(珍愛時刻)     05:01
I Want To Give It All(愛你不渝)     03:40
Do It Again(再愛一次)     03:37
Love And Other Bruises(愛與傷痕)     07:00