Phone Call With Breezy (Skit)

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[A$AP Ferg:] Oh good money, you chillin' after that?
[Chris Brown:] Ayy I'ma be in LA the whole time
[A$AP Ferg:] You remember when I used to sell you the belts?
[Chris Brown:] Hell yeah! Man that shit crazy, man
[A$AP Ferg:] Yo you know it was me makin' them belts?

[Chris Brown:] No back in the day, you know, I ain't peep it
I remember, I think, I think Kwasi and them like brought you over one day and I peepe
d you,
Then they went off in your shit like when you was doin' the music
I was like... huh don't I know son? Like I know him! Then they was like yeah my nigga,
He was designin' mad long. I was like damn that shit crazy

[A$AP Ferg:] Word, that shit was like five years ago - you still got them shits?
[Chris Brown:] Bro I got them joints at the crib, bro. I got the multi-colored one, the ca
mo colored one, like I think it was red and brown
[Chris Brown:] And I got the camo joint you did
[A$AP Ferg:] [Laughs] Hey, now look, now we're doin' songs together and shit