Love Will

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Ladies, if you out there
I just wanna talk to you (yeah).
(Shoo da doop) About all the ups & downs
(Shoo da doop) round and rounds
(Shoo da doop) the drama the trouble that love put us through (love will)
Now I know some of y'all out there came here with ya man
but If you've been in love (love will)
If you've been through what I've been though
Than I've got a question for you

Who would gave you the world today?
Who would tell you that every things okay,
Say all of the things that you want to hear?
Who would take away all of your downs and fears?
Who would promise you the moon and stars? Yeah
Vow to never ever break your heart. Yeah
Who would tap into your very soul,
Than turn right around and be so cold?
Love Will

Love will, love will
Have you up and down all round in circles.
hey love (It will... Have you)
Let you in, turn around put you out in the cold.Oohh

Listen y'all,
Who would say some of the sweetest things?
Have you believing in all your dreams,
And he'll open up every door,
And have you feeling like the world is yours?
Who would give you butterflies,
And gave you chills from feet to head?
Who would make you feel so alive,
Then turn right around and kill ya dead?
Love Will (loveee)

love will (I know love will)
Have you up and down all round in circles. Yeah
Love will, Hey love (Said It will Have you) Hey yeah
Let you in, turn around put you down in the cold.

Love can be good, can be bad, can be dangerous (Dangerous)
It can make you happy, make you sad, be a stranger. (Be a Stranger)
Break you all the way down to your sick, if you let it
I'm telling you love will

Love will, love will, love will
It'll make do somethings
(Love will)
It'll have you going up and down'
All around and around in circles
Love will, love love love, love will
See I'm living witness that it

Love will do these things
End up bringing pain
All love fallen strange
Watch the sun
The comes up bright
Boy, I don't know what I'm Gonna do with love
Have you up and down all round in circles.