The Sound of Music

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閒得山居 My day in the hills
浮生半日又近尾聲 Has come to an end I know
星辰也露臉 A star has come out
催我踏上歸程 To tell me it's time to go,
然而在翠嶺疊巒深處 But deep in the dark-green shadows
天籟妙音讓我佇足 Are voices that urge me to stay.
我靜神諦聽,停下腳步 So I pause and I wait and I listen
等一個聲音 For one more sound,
等那青山翠谷 For one more lovely thing
把秘密向我傾吐 That the hills might say…

大地新象 The hills are alive
只因這天籟之聲 With the sound of music,
清歌傳唱 With songs they have sung
千年萬年永徜徉 For a thousand years.
雲嶺送翠 The hills fill my heart
只為這天籟之聲 With the sound of music,
我心雀躍不已 My heart wants to sing
只因它拾得片音短曲 Every song it hears.

我心澎湃狂喜 My heart wants to beat
宛如鳥生新羽 Like the wings
展翅飛去 Of the birds that rise
自湖濱遙向枝頭高棲 From the lake to the trees,

我心呢喃低語 My heart wants to sigh
彷彿鐘鈴御風 Like a chime that flies
自聖堂蹁躚徐徐 From a church on a breeze,

歡笑一如小溪清清 To laugh like a brook
蜿蜒宛轉 When it trips and falls
蹦石瀝晶 Over stones in its way

徹夜高歌 To sing through the night
就像雲雀習禱,喜悅輕盈 Like a lark who is learning to pray-

總會來這山巔 I go to the hills
每當我心抑鬱 When my heart is lonely,
我知道定能聽見 I know I will hear
以往曾聆賞的心曲 What I've heard before.
我心將被賜福 My heart will be blessed
只因這天籟妙音 With the sound of music
我也願再次高歌一曲 And I'll sing once more.