Will You Be There

作詞:    作曲:
Hold Me 抱住我
Like The River Jordan 就像約旦河
And I Will Then Say To Thee 然後我會對你說
You Are My Friend 你是我的朋友
Carry Me 接住我
Like You Are My Brother 就像你是我的兄弟
Love Me Like A Mother 像個母親那樣的愛我
Will You Be There? 你會在嗎?

Weary 疲倦了
Tell Me Will You Hold Me 告訴我你會抱住我
When Wrong, Will You Scold Me 當做錯的時候 你會責備我嗎
When Lost Will You Find Me? 當迷失時你會來找我嗎?

But They Told Me 但是他們告訴我
A Man Should Be Faithful 一個人應該要忠貞
And Walk When Not Able 行走直到不能再走
And Fight Till The End 堅持到最後
But I'm Only Human 但我只是人

Everyone's Taking Control Of Me 所有人都在控制我
Seems That The World's Got A Role For Me 好像這個世界安排了一個
I'm So Confused 我真的很困惑
Will You Show To Me 你會告訴我嗎
You'll Be There For Me 你會在那裡陪我嗎
And Care Enough To Bear Me 然後關心我忍受我

(Hold Me) 抱住我
(Lay Your Head Lowly) 低下你的頭
(Softly Then Boldly) 慢慢的
(Carry Me There) 帶我走
(Lead Me) 引導我
(Love Me And Feed Me) 愛我且滿足我
(Kiss Me And Free Me) 親吻我且釋放我
(I Will Feel Blessed) 我會感覺幸福
(Carry)(Carry Me Boldly) 勇敢的帶我走
(Lift Me Up Slowly) 慢慢的抱起我
(Carry Me There) 帶我走
(Save Me) 拯救我
(Heal Me And Bathe Me) 醫治我且潔淨我
(Softly You Say To Me) 輕輕的你對我說
(I Will Be There) 我會在那裡
(Lift Me)高舉我
(Lift Me Up Slowly)慢慢的高舉我
(Carry Me Boldly)勇敢的帶我走
(Show Me You Care)讓我感受你的關心
(Hold Me)抱著我
(Lay Your Head Lowly)低下你的頭
(Softly Then Boldly)溫柔且慢慢的
(Carry Me There)帶我走
(Need Me) 需要我
(Love Me And Feed Me)
(Kiss Me And Free Me)
(I Will Feel Blessed)