作詞:Yoyo Sham 岑寧兒    作曲:Yoyo Sham 岑寧兒
編曲: the duo band
監製: Carl Wong 王雙駿

Last night I had a dream
That I was on an endless run
I wasn't tired I wasn't scared
I couldn't stop but I didn't care

I ran through the night I ran thru the rain
I ran and ran till everything looked the same
And it was then I passed the lake
at your reflection I turned to ask

Can anyone tell
That I am lost
Can anyone tell
That I am naked before you
That I am burning for you

So there you were and I knew it was over
however beautiful however mad
before I wake I just had to ask

Do you remember why you're here
Do you remember what
what in the world were you after
or were you running away somehow

I woke up both happy and sad
A little sorry a little glad