I'm Coming Home, Tell the World I'm Coming Home
50 DJ Beats Today


  1. Solo Dancing
  2. Faded (Baby I'm Faded)
  3. Animals
  4. The Drop
  5. Jungle (Remix)
  6. Gas Pedal
  7. One More Day (Stay with Me)
  8. Find You
  9. Gecko (Overdrive Remix)
  10. Ten Feet Tall
  11. Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain)
  12. In Your Eyes
  13. One Day (Vandaag)
  14. Make U Bounce
  15. Wasted (Like Us Better When We're Wasted)
  16. Aw Naw (DJ Remix)
  17. Boom Boom (Heartbeat)
  18. Rather Be
  19. Love Never Felt so Good
  20. eez-eh
  21. Knock You Out
  22. Solo Dancing (Originally Performed by Indiana) [Karaoke Version]
  23. Waves (Originally Performed by Mr. Probz) [Karaoke Version]
  24. Nobody to Love
  25. Hideaway (You're Just a Hideaway)
  26. Close
  27. Jungle (Remix) [Originally Performed by X Ambassadors & Jay Z] [Karaoke Version]
  28. Reload
  29. I'm Coming Home, Tell the World I'm Coming Home
  30. Tremor
  31. Jump (Originally Performed by Rihanna) [Karaoke Version]
  32. You Make Me
  33. Touch
  34. Bad (Feel so Good to Be Bad)
  35. I'm a Freak
  36. Stay the Night
  37. Beautiful Life (Originally Performed by Armin Van Buuren & Cindy Alma) [Instrumental Remix]
  38. Timber (Originally Performed by Pitbull & Kesha) [Instrumental Remix]
  39. Dare You
  40. Ready for Your Love
  41. The Spark
  42. Billion Lights (Originally Performed by JLS) [Instrumental Remix]
  43. Eat Sleep Rave Repeat
  44. Booyah
  45. Dibby Dibby Sound (Originally Performed by DJ Fresh, Jay Fay & Ms Dynamite) [Karaoke Version]
  46. Count on Me (Originally Performed by Chase & Status & Moko) [Instrumental Remix]
  47. Waves
  48. Turn It Around (Originally Performed by Sub Focus & Kele) [Instrumental Remix]
  49. Am I Wrong, That's Just How I Feel (Instrumental Version)
  50. Liberate (Originally Performed by Eric Prydz) [Karaoke Version]

I'm Coming Home, Tell the World I'm Coming Home