AI ディスコグラフィー

RESPECT ALL RESPECT ALL 2023/08/23 WORLD DANCE WORLD DANCE 2023/08/16 Life Goes On Life Goes On 2023/08/03 リスペクト リスペクト 2023/05/22 Start Again Start Again 2022/10/03 Welcome Rain - From THE FIRST TAKE Welcome Rain - From THE FIRST TAKE 2022/03/25 アルデバラン - From THE FIRST TAKE アルデバラン - From THE FIRST TAKE 2022/03/11 DREAM DREAM 2022/02/23 First Time First Time 2022/02/16 I Love You I Love You 2021/12/03 アルデバラン アルデバラン 2021/11/01 Self Selection “PIANO BALLAD” Self Selection “PIANO BALLAD” 2021/09/27 IN THE MIDDLE IN THE MIDDLE 2021/08/13 THE MOMENT THE MOMENT 2021/06/28 exit light exit light 2021/04/23 Self Selection “HIP HOP” Self Selection “HIP HOP” 2021/03/03 IT'S ALL ME - Vol.2 IT'S ALL ME - Vol.2 2021/02/24 HOPE HOPE 2021/01/30 Not So Different - Remix Not So Different - Remix 2020/12/11 Not So Different Not So Different 2020/11/25