POLYSICS ディスコグラフィー

走れ! 走れ! 2021/02/24 上を向いて運ぼう 上を向いて運ぼう 2021/01/17 走れ! 走れ! 2021/01/10 In The Sync In The Sync 2019/10/09 Piko Piko 2019/09/16 Belong Belong 2019/08/03 Kami-Saba Kami-Saba 2019/06/22 Twist and Turn! Twist and Turn! 2019/05/10 Part of me / Frame On Part of me / Frame On 2019/04/03 That's Fantastic! That's Fantastic! 2017/11/29 That's Fantastic! That's Fantastic! 2017/11/17 Replay! Replay! 2017/02/22 What's This??? What's This??? 2016/03/02 urban disco urban disco 2015/11/04 HEN 愛 LET'S GO! 2〜ウルトラ怪獣総進撃〜 HEN 愛 LET'S GO! 2〜ウルトラ怪獣総進撃〜 2015/07/08 HEN 愛 LET'S GO! HEN 愛 LET'S GO! 2015/03/25 ACTION!!! ACTION!!! 2014/01/15 カジャカジャグー カジャカジャグー 2014/01/15 We ate the show!! We ate the show!! 2014/01/15 For Young Electric Pop For Young Electric Pop 2014/01/15