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WEAK WEAK 2023/10/17 INEEDYOURLOVE INEEDYOURLOVE 2023/08/17 Moonlight: In the moonlit city Moonlight: In the moonlit city 2021/11/12 Just Like This Just Like This 2021/08/24 Your Day (Romance 101 X Loco) Your Day (Romance 101 X Loco) 2020/11/09 SOME TIME SOME TIME 2020/10/14 HELLO HELLO 2019/02/08 It Takes Time It Takes Time 2018/10/08 POST IT POST IT 2018/03/14 Summer Go Loco Summer Go Loco 2017/08/18 BLEACHED BLEACHED 2017/05/25 Still Still 2016/11/04 You Too You Too 2016/04/05 AWESOME AWESOME 2015/07/28 RESPECT RESPECT 2015/07/14 LOCOMOTIVE LOCOMOTIVE 2014/11/28 Hold Me Tight Hold Me Tight 2014/03/19 Take Care Take Care 2013/05/15 See The Light (Feat. GRAY) See The Light (Feat. GRAY) 2012/09/04