Final Days of Rome (feat. Felicia Farerre)


  1. Unleashed (feat. Merethe Soltvedt)
  2. One Above All (feat. C.C. White & Felicia Farerre)
  3. Impossible (feat. Merethe Soltvedt)
  4. Rune (feat. Uyanga Bold)
  5. Wild Heart (feat. Felicia Farerre)
  6. Neptune and Mars (feat. Felicia Farerre)
  7. Run Free
  8. Oracle (feat. Uyanga Bold)
  9. Never Give up on Your Dreams
  10. Step into the Light (feat. Nick Phoenix, C.C. White & Uyanga Bold)
  11. Secret Melody
  12. Final Days of Rome (feat. Felicia Farerre)
  13. Molto Piratissimo
  14. Descendant of the Sun (feat. Felicia Farerre)
  15. Snow Angels (feat. Thomas Bergersen)
  16. Westward
  17. Emblem (feat. Felicia Farerre & Uyanga Bold)
  18. Foundation (feat. Felicia Farerre)
  19. See Me Fight (feat. Linea Adamson)
  20. Unleashed (Instrumental)
  21. One Above All (Instrumental)
  22. Rune (Instrumental)
  23. Wild Heart (Alternate Choir)
  24. Neptune and Mars (Instrumental)
  25. Oracle (Instrumental)
  26. Never Give up on Your Dreams (Instrumental)
  27. Step into the Light (Instrumental)
  28. Secret Melody (Instrumental)
  29. Final Days of Rome (Instrumental)
  30. Molto Piratissimo (Instrumental)
  31. Emblem (Instrumental)
  32. Foundation (Instrumental)
  33. Unleashed (Uncompressed Mix)
  34. One Above All (Uncompressed Mix)
  35. Impossible (Uncompressed Mix)
  36. Rune (Uncompressed Mix)
  37. Wild Heart (Uncompressed Mix)
  38. Neptune and Mars (Uncompressed Mix)
  39. Run Free (Uncompressed Mix)
  40. Oracle (Uncompressed Mix)
  41. Never Give up on Your Dreams (Uncompressed Mix)
  42. Secret Melody (Uncompressed Mix)
  43. Final Days of Rome (Uncompressed Mix)
  44. Molto Piratissimo (Uncompressed Mix)
  45. Descendant of the Sun (Uncompressed Mix)
  46. Snow Angels (Uncompressed Mix)
  47. I'll Stand Alone (Uncompressed Mix)
  48. Westward (Uncompressed Mix)
  49. Emblem (Uncompressed Mix)
  50. Foundation (Uncompressed Mix)
  51. See Me Fight (Uncompressed Mix)

Final Days of Rome (feat. Felicia Farerre)