Privacy Policy

KKBOX HONG KONG LIMITED (“We,” the service provider of KKBOX,) takes your personal privacy seriously and is committed to duly comply with the relevant privacy and personal data protection laws and regulations. Our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (the “Policy”), which explains what types of personal data we collect and how we use such data, as well as other important matters related to your privacy, is set out below.

By using KKBOX service, you consent to and agree to be bound by this Policy.

Collection of Personal Data and Other Information

  1. When you register as a member of KKBOX service, you will be required to provide certain information, including, but not limited to, an account ID (in the form of an email address), your name, gender, date of birth, contact number, place of residence, contact address, backup email address, occupation and favorite music type.
  2. If you register as a member by connecting your account via Facebook or other third party services (“Third Party Services”), you agree to our collection of your personal data and other data that may be accessible from your Third Party Service account, including your name, profile pictures, the country you are from, email address, date of birth, gender, other photos, names of your friends as well as information about your social network. We may verify whether the data you provided matches those collected from such Third Party Services and will store and use all the data referred to these Clauses 1 and 2 (collectively “Personal Data”) pursuant to the Policy.
  3. When you use KKBOX service, we may also collect other information, including:
  4. (1) information about your use of KKBOX service, including your history of use, and/or searches conducted by you; and/or

    (2) technical data, including URL, IP address, web browser type, operation system, language, and time of your visit (which may be collected through the

    use of cookies) to enable certain functionalities of our website (Collectively, “Use and Technical Data”).

  5. To properly and promptly provide you with KKBOX service, you will be required to provide your account ID, contact information or other information when using KKBOX service, for example, when you apply to change your account details, provide your feedback or participate in our promotion activities.
  6. We may combine the Use and Technical Data and other non-personal information with the Personal Data, the combined information will be treated as Personal Data as a whole for as long as it remains combined.

Use of Personal Data and Other Information

  1. The Personal Data, Use and Technical Data and/or other information collected under this Policy will be used for the following purposes (“Purposes”):
  2. (1) Your Personal Data may be used for member identification, contacting you, sending payment reminders, award notices, payment receipt notice,

         invoices, and/or other update notices related to KKBOX services to you, and providing KKBOX services to you generally.

    (2) We will also use your Personal Data to send you newsletters and marketing notices regarding our promotional events from time to time. If you

         do not wish to receive any newsletter or marketing notice, you can cancel the subscription service anytime by logging into your account. If you

         have any problem with the settings, you are welcome to contact our customer service anytime.

    (3) Your Personal Data, Use and Technical Data and/or other information may be used for the purposes of internal audit, analysis and research for

         improving KKBOX services, facilitating user communications and/or developing new services.

    (4) We may transfer your Personal Data, Use and Technical Data and/or other information to our affiliates and business partners in or outside Hong

         Kong for processing and analyzing, and they may use such data and information for marketing purposes.

  3. We will not use your Personal Data for marketing purposes or transfer such data to unrelated third parties for whatever purposes unless we have obtained your express consent.
  4. We may however share with third parties comprehensive non-personal data, i.e. modified data from your Personal Data which has been sub-grouped and will not be able to reflect or identify any specific individual.
  5. We will not use your Personal Data for any purposes other than the purposes stipulated above unless the local laws provide otherwise; and will not disclose them to any third party without your prior consent, unless the laws require so due to material national interests or for the purpose of facilitating law enforcement agencies’ investigations.

Access to Personal Data

  1. You may search, review, modify, update and/or make a copy of your Personal Data by logging into your KKBOX account. If you are not our member or we have not yet verified your membership, you may request to search, review, modify, update and/or make a copy of your Personal Data by providing us with your relevant personal data and other written documentation (as may be necessary to enable us to process your request).
  2. You may request to suspend the use of or delete your Personal Data. However, once the use of your Personal Data is suspended or your Personal Data is deleted, you will no longer be able to use KKBOX services.
  3. We are entitled to refuse your request to modify, update or delete your Personal Data if such request may be harmful to material national interests, result in impediment to the execution of statutory duties by government agencies, or cause any prejudice to the material interests of a third party.
  4. If you wish to access your Personal Data, please contact our data protection officer at

Security of Personal Data

  1. Your Personal Data is stored and processed by us in Taiwan. We will adopt all necessary technologies and measures to protect your Personal Data in order to safeguard your privacy. Access to your Personal Data is restricted to our employees and agents on a need-to-know basis.
  2. We only store your Personal Data for as long as it is required for the purposes stipulated above. As such, your Personal Data will be deleted from our records upon termination of your KKBOX account.
  3. To avoid information leakage, you should keep your Personal Data, such as your account ID and password, etc. in safe custody. To avoid misuse of your Personal Data, you should log out or close the app/ software or internet browser after using KKBOX services, whether you are using your own personal computer/ device or not.
  4. You should keep your payment particulars (including credit card details) in safe custody to avoid being used by others for illegal purpose.
  5. KKBOX services may include hyperlinks to third parties’ websites or webpages. We are not responsible for any personal information that you provide to such third parties at or through those websites.
  6. You agree to use true and accurate information for purchases via KKBOX services. You should notify us immediately if you find your Personal Data has been misused by others or if you notice something abnormal.
  7. You agree that the information you provide and use when using KKBOX services is lawful and does not infringe any third party’s rights, violate any agreement with third party, or otherwise involve any illegal acts. If your use of KKBOX services causes any third party’s loss, we will not be liable for such loss unless it is caused by us intentionally or due to our gross negligence.

Amendment and Effect of the Policy

  1. We may update this Policy from time to time in order to comply with the relevant local privacy laws and regulations. When we make significant changes, we will make an announcement on our official website.
  2. This Policy constitutes part of KKBOX Terms of Service. If you do not agree to any part of this Policy or any amended content, please stop using KKBOX services immediately.
  3. If you have any question regarding the Policy, please contact us at