Privacy Policy

KKCompany Japan LLC (“We,” the service provider of KKBOX,) acknowledges the importance of privacy and personal data (collectively, “personal data”) and duly complies with the relevant personal data protection laws and regulations to protect personal data and treats privacy and personal data as follows:

I. Collection of Personal Data

We collect personal data by lawful and fair method and do not unfairly collect personal data against your will.

We collect personal data in the following events:

  1. When you register as a member of KKBOX service, you hereby agree that we could collect your certain information, including, but not limited to, an email address, name, gender, date of birth, contact number, place of residence, contact address, backup email address, occupation and favorite music type. When you use KKBOX service, to provide better services, we may collect and use certain information in connection with your use of KKBOX, including history of use, history of search, URL, Cookie, IP address, web browser type, device type and its unique identification number, operation system, language, time of your visit, location information and individual identification of the device.
  2. As you purchase KKBOX services, you agree that we may collect your credit card/ debit card information and payment histories (“Payment Information”).
  3. To properly and promptly provide you with KKBOX service, you will be required to provide your account ID or personal contact information when using KKBOX service, for example, application to change account details, provision of users’ feedback or participation in promotion activities.
  4. If you connect or create your account via Facebook or other services (“Third Party Service”), you agree us to collect your personal verification data and other data that may be accessible from your Third Party Service account, including your name, profile photos, country, email address, date of birth, gender, names of friends, and other personal pictures and social network. We may verify whether your data matches those collected from such Third Party Service and will store and use such data pursuant to the Policy.

II. Use of Personal Data

  1. We will use the collected personal data for the following purposes, to the extent necessary for such purpose. If we use personal data for the purpose other than the following purposes, we will obtain your consent.
      • Member identification, processing pre-order and purchase of products and services.
      • Providing information related to KKBOX service including notifying promotional events, payment reminder, award notice, payment receipt notice, sending invoices, sending payment description, and/or other update notices related to KKBOX service.
      • Providing news letters.
      • Answering your inquiries.
      • Provision and management of products and services.
      • Research and analysis for improving and developing products and services.
      • Making statistic materials, referring in future development and production for products, services and sales plan.
      • Users management.

        The following data as collected herein may be shared and co-used by KKBOX Taiwan and KKBOX Technology of our group companies (domestic and foreign) for the purposes set forth in above 1-6. We (Address: 6F, Urbanprem Shibuya, 1-4-2, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan / Representative: Kazuhiro Tani) will be responsible for such sharing and co-use of personal data.

        Shared data: email address, name, gender, date of birth, contact number, place of residence, contact address, backup email address, occupation, favorite music type, history of use ,history of search, URL, use Cookie, IP address, web browser type, operation system, language, time of your visit, location information and individual identification of the device.

        We will not use, share or co-use the information if the laws so require or such use will harm to people’s life, health or property. We may broadly share with third parties non-personal data, which means the collected data so processed to become unidentifiable.
  2. The Payment information you provide will be used to process you payment and manage your payment methods.
  3. Your following data will be publicly displayed on KKBOX services:
      • Nickname
      • Uploaded pictures
      • Country
      • Self-introduction
      • The users and artists you follow
      • The songs you have recently broadcasted and the song lists you have shared/saved when using KKBOX services.

III. Management and Security of Personal Data

  1. We take necessary and appropriate measures to manage and protect personal data such as management access to personal data, restriction of bringing out personal data, preventing unauthorized access from outside of KKBOX services, and otherwise protecting from divulgation, loss or damage of personal data.
  2. To avoid information divulgation, you should keep your own personal data, account ID and password, etc. in safe custody. To avoid misuse of your personal data, you should log out or close the software or internet browser after using KKBOX services, whether you are using your own personal computer or not.
  3. You should keep your payment particulars (including credit card details) in safe custody to avoid being used by others for illegal purpose.
  4. KKBOX services may include hyperlinks to third parties’ websites or webpages. We will not be held liable if you agree to allow those websites to collect, process, and/or use your personal data.
  5. You agree to use true and accurate information for the purchases on KKBOX services. You should notify us immediately if you find your personal data has been misused by others or if you spot something abnormal.
  6. You agree to provide and use lawful information when using KKBOX services and all such information should not infringe any third party’s rights, violate any third party’s agreement or otherwise involve any illegal acts. If use of KKBOX services causes any third party’s loss, we will not be liable for such loss unless it is caused by our intentional conduct or due to our gross negligence.

IV. Entrustment of Personal Data

If we entrust to the third party whole or a part of management of personal data, to the extent necessary for the purpose of use, we will be careful to employ such third party and conduct necessary and appropriate supervision on such third party to fulfill protection obligation of personal data.

V. Providing Personal Data to third party

We will not disclose personal data to any third party without your prior consent unless the laws provide otherwise.

VI. In relation to the disclosure of user data to external parties

We use external services in order to analyze customers' behavior histories and advertising effects and transmit the information about customers and others that is necessary to use these services, respecting their privacy. Please refer to “External Transmission of User Information” for details.

VII. Disclosure and Correction of Personal Data

After your membership registration, we will promptly disclose your personal data if you so request by yourself. In the event that some of your personal data is incorrect and you request to correct, add, suspend to use or delete such by yourself, we will promptly correspond such request after investigation. If we cannot confirm that such request is made by yourself or laws so require, we may refuse such request. We would retain your personal data during your KKBOX membership period. If we suspend to use or delete your personal data upon your request, you are not entitled to use our service after such suspension or deletion. If you have any request or question regarding our personal data management, please contact to the following address:

Japan - KKCompany Japan LLC

6F, Urbanprem Shibuya, 1-4-2, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan KKCompany Japan LLC

VIII. Organization and System

We appoint a personal data chief manager and perform duly management and continual improvement of personal data.

IX. Amendment of Privacy Policy

We may update this Policy from time to time without prior notice. Updated Policy will be effective from the time we upload the information on this site, unless otherwise provided by us. When we make significant changes, we will make an announcement on our official website. This Policy constitutes a part of KKBOX Terms of Service. If you do not agree any part of this Policy or any amended content, please stop using KKBOX service immediately.