We believe that every voice inspires.

KKBOX, the world’s first platform providing legal music streaming services, integrates exclusive cloud technology and an AI-based recommendation engine, along with DRM (digital rights management). This successfully fostered the concept of online music licenses and became the leading brand of music streaming services with this business model. Featuring over 100 million legal tracks, KKBOX is currently available in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, and continues to cultivate the music industry chain as a major Taiwan brand.

KKBOX believes every voice inspires. Based on the play count of over 10 million users, KKBOX hosted the “KKBOX Music Awards” (KMA) for 18 consecutive years. Through various music curations and continuous development of exclusive features such as“Listen with”and “Music-insertion for Podcaster” and “User achievement badge”, KKBOX devotes to creating values that are playful, abundant, and diverse for creators, consumers, and partners in the music industry.

Core Values

We believe that every voice has the power to inspire people. Our brand mission is to promote the free speech of diverse voices and help creators be heard through our core products and services. We hope that all our listeners can find something that resonates with them at KKBOX, the world's first legal music streaming platform.
We believe that it is crucial to boldly offer innovative approaches in the face of challenges—when being doubted, we always adopt a fearless spirit and attitude, stand up for what we believe, and never hesitate to speak up.
With our passion towards music culture, we have never stopped exploring users’ needs and the ever-changing market trends to create a newer, better, and more practical music experience, inspiring people to show their creativity and express their true selves.
Each individual listens to different music, creates different music, and further shapes different cultures; we believe that the diversity of music can make the world more colorful and inspire greater creativity.

Brand Resources

Brand Usage Guidelines
Brand Usage Guidelines
Here we provide the usage guidelines for the KKBOX brand. You are free to use the KKBOX name, logo, and icon provided that you abide by the usage guidelines for the KKBOX logo and icon.


2023 Mar
Announced the 18th KKBOX Music Awards Top 100 Artists of the Year
2022 Dec
2022 Best Wear apps in Taiwan and Hong Kong of Google Play Store
2022 Oct
Launched KKBOX Lossless Family plan
2022 May
2022 Best Advertising Slogan Awards
Cooperated with Firstory to launch “DAI” (dynamic ad insertion) advertising revenue sharing
2021 Nov
Launched KKBOX Family plan
2021 Jun
Launched a Music insertion feature bringing music and podcasts together
2021 Apr
Announced “Hi-Res” lossless music service
2021 Mar
KKBOX honored “2021 most-admired company” in the survey of Kaohsiung-Pingtung-Penghu-Taitung Regional Branch of Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor
2020 Jul
Launched Podcast content and service
Released “Hi-Fi” lossless music service
2019 Nov
Launched “KK ID” and “KK Points”
2019 Mar
Presented the 1st “KKBOX Hong Kong Music Awards”
2018 Oct
2018 Best Wear apps of Google Play Store
2017 Jul
Cooperated with the well-known audio recognition company ACRCloud to launch a new thoughtful KKBOX built-in feature “Music recognition”
2016 Oct
KKBOX’s branded videos, “Young Forever”, was selected as Excellent Award in 2016 4A Creative Award
2013 Jun
The online music service “LISMO unlimited” was renamed “KKBOX”, representing KKBOX’s official launch in Japan
2013 Jan
KKBOX launched in Singapore and Malaysia
2011 Sep
Launched a new feature “Listen with” for the music community
2011 Mar
KKBOX and Chunghwa Telecom coped to launch ”Fun Play”, the world’s first public broadcasting music service
2010 Nov
KKBOX honored with “e-21 Golden Web Award”
2010 Oct
KKBOX was awarded the “2010 IT Month Outstanding App Award”
2009 Nov
KKBOX launched in Hong Kong, the first overseas market
2008 Apr
KKBOX was selected as the champion of the 11th IT Choice for Best Innovative App Service held by the Institute for Information Industry
2007 Dec
KKBOX honored with the 7th “e-21 Golden Web Award”
KKBOX was awarded the “2007 IT Month Outstanding App Award”
2006 Feb
Hosted the 1st digital music award ceremony “KKBOX Music Awards” (former “KKBOX Digital Awards”)
KKBOX, the world’s first platform providing legal music streaming services, was launched in Taiwan
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