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HONEY HONEY 2022/11/25 ZERO NUEVE ZERO NUEVE 2022/11/12 Disponible Disponible 2022/10/29 PASARLA BIEN PASARLA BIEN 2022/09/30 Holy Grail Holy Grail 2022/03/13 Legendary Legendary 2022/02/20 got it coming got it coming 2021/11/15 Fur Jacket Jean Jacket or Bubbly Fur Jacket Jean Jacket or Bubbly 2021/10/28 Better Be Better Be 2021/10/13 HBK tragedies HBK tragedies 2021/09/29 devils call devils call 2021/03/22 GOD DAMN GOD DAMN 2020/12/12 ON REPEAT ON REPEAT 2020/12/07 Up Next Freestyle Up Next Freestyle 2020/10/20 RATAttle RATAttle 2020/09/24 Dont Look Back Dont Look Back 2020/09/23 Screwed Screwed 2020/09/17 Anytime Anytime 2020/09/15 I Bleed You Die I Bleed You Die 2020/07/21 Diversity Diversity 2020/07/10