Modis Chrisha Discography

Stay in Control Stay in Control 2023/07/21 Stay Focused Stay Focused 2023/06/23 Stay Positive Stay Positive 2023/06/06 Go All In Go All In 2023/05/25 Stay Strong Stay Strong 2023/05/01 Be Inspired Be Inspired 2023/04/18 Stay Motivated Stay Motivated 2023/03/23 Calm Down Calm Down 2023/02/22 Keep Going Keep Going 2023/01/23 Colors Colors 2022/12/18 Light of the Horizon Light of the Horizon 2022/12/02 The End Is the Beginning The End Is the Beginning 2022/11/18 Asian Dreams Asian Dreams 2022/10/08 The Place The Place 2022/09/23 Perspective Perspective 2022/08/23 Journey Journey 2022/05/18 Aye Aye 2022/02/22 Ocean of Light Ocean of Light 2021/12/18 The Point The Point 2021/12/15 Followers Followers 2021/10/18