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Be prepared,boys and girls! The Vamps wants to dance with you at the Four Corners tour in Singapore.

Prior to the concert on 15 August at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa, we had a quick chat withthe boys earlier to check if they are ready to rock.

1.What can fans expect at the upcoming Singapore stop of the Four Corners tour?Any special programmes that they can look forward to?

Tristan: We’ve released a lot of new music since we were last in Singapore so we’re really looking forward to sharing that with you all. The Night & Day Album, our recent Missing You EP. I’m sure there will be some surprises as well.

2. Besides work, what are you guys planning to do in Singapore? Any food cravings? Any sightseeing etc.

Bradley: It’s actually Tristan’s birthday when we’re in Singapore so we need some recommendations of what we should to do to celebrate. Let us know!

3.With an extensive discography, what’s the process of picking a setlist like? Do you guys sit around and vote? What were the songs which were unanimously voted in?

James: Usually we’re fairly on the same page about set lists. It’s good to get a balance between our new music and also some of the older tracks like Wild Heart and Somebody To You so we take that into account and go from there. Waves - a new track from our Missing You EP has actually been a really fun one to play live this year.

4.When going on a concert tour, what are the essentials to take on the road with you?

Tristan: Speakers. There’s always music playing - on the bus or in our rooms.

5. Do you have any special ritual when getting ready to play for a gig? What are the last moments like before you go on stage to play?

Connor: We have a whole routine of rituals we do before going on, they’re quite random and involve a lot of group hugs.

6. What goes on at The Vamps after-party after each concert?

Connor: There’s always a crazy half hour when we come off stage and are still buzzing from the show, and then we calm down a bit and eat!

7. Which Asian boyband would you love to collaborate with? And why?

Tristan: We’d actually love to collaborate with an Asian boyband, who do you think we should collaborate with? We’ve always collaborated with other artists it’s something we really enjoy doing. To work with an Asian artist would be great.

8. We heard the Beckhams kids are fans of The Vamps. Could you share any interesting stories?

James: Brooklyn is a good friend of ours, he was in our Wake Up music video and we’ve kept in touch with him ever since. He’s a good guy.

9. What would you like to tell your fans who will be reading this article?

Connor: We can’t wait to be back in Singapore and see you all, thank you for staying with us on this journey. Come to the show, have a dance and sing and lets have fun! We’re so excited and we love you a lot!


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