Jay Park: Sexy Isn't A Look, But An Attitude

Jay Park: Sexy Isn't A Look, But An Attitude

SINGAPORE – The one and only Jay Park is back at his "second home" Singapore, bringing his “SEXY 4EVA” World Tour.

“It’s been 11 years since my debut, and I have never been on a world tour before, this is the first official one. I’ve also been to Singapore numerous times, and this is the first where I get to perform for fans,” says Jay.

Jay Park made his grand entrance on stage, accompanied by continuous cheers from fans. He then started off with a live rendition ofForget About Tomorrow(2019), a recent track released in collaboration with Yultron. He later performed older tracks likeIffy(2017) andJOAH(2014).

“I dyed my hair in Singapore,” says the chic lad who now has a new hairdo of teal blue and blonde, pretty drastic a change from his dark coloured hairstyles in the past. He then told fans that Singapore is the first stop of the world tour after Seoul, because to him, Singapore is just like his second home.

Eliciting cheers from the audience, Jay added: "I think this is like my 16th time being here."

We can't tell if Jay is being hyperbolic about visiting our island 16 times. But we get the idea and audiences here can't get enough of him.

This time, Jay didn't come alone. He brought along rap proteges, Haon from H1gher Music and Woo from AOMG. The media mogul Jay is the driving force behind both labels, H1gher Music and AOMG.

Woo kicked off the show withHate You(2018) andWe Are(2017).

Haon, the youngest from H1GHER Music came on stage subsequently. He dished out songs likeBar code(2018) andBoong Boong(2018) as the 19-year-old rapper showed off his boyish charms.

Teasing the Singapore audience, Jay said:“I’ve brought Wonjae from AOMG and Haon from H1GHER Music, but I have a local musician here too."

Fans knew in an instant that it was our homegrown musician ShiGGa Shay.

Prior to the show, Jay Park disclosed during an interview that the pair are working on a track and will be singing the song live for the first time at the show. A music video will be released at a later date, he added.

As if a show of bromance, ShiGGa appeared onstage with matching electric blue hair colour. Doing Singapore proud, ShiGGa showed off his sizzling charisma as Jay chimed in with his rapid-fire rapping.

It was back to Jay programming — the music for the track we've been waiting for came on.

Our body instinctively swayed to the addictive rhythm ofMOMMAE(2015). The audiences probably saw it come — Jay grooved to the beat as hetore off his shirt. The screams hit a deafening pitch as the audience admiredhis sculpted chest and abs in full glory

He concluded the set by reiterating his concert theme, saying being sexy is not just a look, but it’s exhibited in your attitude. We like both.

Listen to Jay Park on KKBOX.


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