We believe that every voice inspires.

KKBOX, the world’s first platform providing legal music streaming services, integrates exclusive cloud technology and an AI-based recommendation engine, along with DRM (digital rights management). This successfully fostered the concept of online music licenses and became the leading brand of music streaming services with this business model. Featuring over 90 million legal tracks, KKBOX is currently available in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, and continues to cultivate the music industry chain as a major Taiwan brand.

KKBOX believes every voice inspires. Based on the play count of over 10 million users, KKBOX hosted the “KKBOX Music Awards” (KMA) for 17 consecutive years. Through various music curations and continuous development of exclusive features such as“Listen with”and “Music-insertion for Podcaster” and “User achievement badge”, KKBOX devotes to creating values that are playful, abundant, and diverse for creators, consumers, and partners in the music industry.

Core Values

We believe that every voice has the power to inspire people. Our brand mission is to promote the free speech of diverse voices and help creators be heard through our core products and services. We hope that all our listeners can find something that resonates with them at KKBOX, the world's first legal music streaming platform.
We believe that it is crucial to boldly offer innovative approaches in the face of challenges—when being doubted, we always adopt a fearless spirit and attitude, stand up for what we believe, and never hesitate to speak up.
With our passion towards music culture, we have never stopped exploring users’ needs and the ever-changing market trends to create a newer, better, and more practical music experience, inspiring people to show their creativity and express their true selves.
Each individual listens to different music, creates different music, and further shapes different cultures; we believe that the diversity of music can make the world more colorful and inspire greater creativity.

Brand Resources

Brand Usage Guidelines
Brand Usage Guidelines
Here we provide the usage guidelines for the KKBOX brand. You are free to use the KKBOX name, logo, and icon provided that you abide by the usage guidelines for the KKBOX logo and icon.


2022 Feb
With non-stop musical bliss performed by over 24 artist groups, the 17th KKBOX Music Awards featured the largest lineup of iconic artists in its history.
2022 KKBOX Rising Star on Meta’s metaverse: The Rising Stars, represented as avatars, jammed with each other in the Horizon Workrooms.
2021 Nov
The KKBOX Family Plan was officially launched, allowing family members with individual accounts.
2021 Aug
KKBOX on Apple HomePod mini: KKBOX became Taiwan’s first third-party music streaming service provider with ‌‌HomePod‌‌ support.
2021 Jun
KKBOX launched a Music-Insertion feature bringing music and podcasts together. Less than a month after the release, the new feature was already adopted by hundreds of podcasts.
2021 Apr
High-resolution music in the streaming era: KKBOX announced KKBOX Hi-Res, an audio format that beats CD quality.
2021 Mar
The 16th KKBOX Music Awards, Asia’s most eye-catching music event in 2021, drew over 10 million online viewers.
2021 Jan
A significant milestone hit: The first KKBOX Podcast Awards was established and a list of the top 100 podcasts were announced. KKBOX held its first podcast awards ceremony in Taiwan.
KKBOX extended the scale of the KKBOX Music Awards by organizing two-day (Mar.13-14) Turn Up Festival.
2020 Oct
KKBOX unveiled a new logo to reflect the core value of its brand—Every Voice Inspires.
2020 Aug
KKBOX joined forces with Chunghwa Telecom to launch a series of 5G-powered virtual concerts.
2020 Jul
KKBOX launched Podcast content and service.
2020 Jan
The 15th KKBOX Music Awards, Asia’s much-awaited music event in 2020, was held at the Taipei Arena.
2019 Nov
KKBOX launched brand-new connection services, KKID and KK Points, to provide users with the most premium music and entertainment experience.
2019 Sep
President Tsai Ing-wen visited KKBOX, where she was briefed on the current state of the music industry. She later received an interview and curated a music playlist for KKBOX users. A certificate of KKBOX Playlist Curator was presented to President Tsai.
2019 Apr
The era of IOT services has come. All the smart speakers in Taiwan now support KKBOX.
2019 Mar
The 1st KKBOX Hong Kong Music Awards was presented this year. It was the first time that KKBOX’s annual music ceremony was held outside of Taiwan.
2019 Jan
The viewership of KKBOX Music Awards hit a record high of 15 million across linear TV and streaming platforms.
2018 Jan
The KKBOX Music Awards was highly successful in its thirteenth-year run, with a record-high viewership of over 12 million online viewers.
2017 Nov
KKBOX and NetEase Cloud Music forged a strategic partnership to build the world’s largest online platform dedicating to promote Mandomusic with resources across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.
2017 Aug
KKBOX announced itself as a co-organizer of the 2018 "WSDM Cup". WSDM is a top-level seminar in the field of web search and data mining, a cross-border conference that is attached with great importance by global academic communities and industries. "WSDM Cup" is an internationally renowned data competition.
2017 Jul
KKBOX cooperated with the well-known audio recognition company ACRCloud to launch a new thoughtful KKBOX built-in feature "music recognition". It provides users with two different identification methods: listening to the source of "music recognition" or the user can hum directly into the "humming identification".
2017 Jun
KKBOX published"big" and "small" data analyses on music such as sharing statistics from KKBOX RDC gathered over a period of 13 years, "big data" that consists of more than 10 million users and play count of more than 50 billion times, music surveys conducted by Nielsen investigative agency, and the "small data" analysis and insight by KKBOX editorial team.
2017 May
KKBOX and Singapore Telecom Singtel fought for exclusives with Taiwanese singer Bii to hold the first concert [Bii With You LIVE in Singapore 2017] in Singapore. This performance is considered to be the strongest opening leading to Bii's concert at Taipei Arena at the end of this year.
Cantopop superstar Sammi Cheng was back to perform in Taiwan after seven years of leave. She specifically asked to cooperate with Asia's leading music streaming service, KKBOX and hold the only "Nude" concert in Taiwan.
2017 Jan
The 12th KKBOX Music Awards features 20 top artists and 100 musicians, with 11 billion unique clicks in total. It attracts 12 million fans worldwide from nearly 30 media platforms watching live simultaneously, and allows network viewership to expand by 4 times!While paying tribute to Western superstar performers, Masa, Stone, Monster from Mayday, and JJ Lin won championship awards in the KKBOX Music Awards!KKBOX offers viewers a virtual reality (VR) 360-degree view as well as multi-view mode to watch and even replay live shows online.
First held on the eve of the 12th KKBOX Music Awards before party - Electronic's Night Out, well-known domestic and foreign DJs were invited to remix KKBOX's 2016 Trending Chinese and Western singles lineups. This included Diamond djs, DJ Cookie, DJ Noodles, XN, and Machi Didi!
2016 Dec
KKBOX was invited to the Creator Forum at the inaugural Korean MAMA Asian Music Awards. K-POP business management content was shared with us.KKBOX has seen a substantial increase this year in its Korean music library and audio-video content. In addition to growth in local and Western music, K-POP has jumped by 40 percent on KKBOX and is now the third-largest music genre played by users.
2016 Oct
KKBOX has announced the arrival of the cross-device age, bringing you the next level of personalized music experience!KKBOX is teaming up with Big Data experts and music professionals. Using the latest machine learning techniques to process Big Data and digging deep into the listener's habits, the collaboration brings a "Discovery" mode that is a complete upgrade of the personalized music listening experience.
KKBOX released the branded videos, "Young Forever," to rejuvenate people's memories of their youth.The videos have garnered over 6.5 million views in just 3 weeks since their release, and have won excellence A4 commercial awards in the categories of "Best Short Commercial" and "Best Advertisement Copy."
2016 Sep
KKBOX and KKTV have teamed up to bring popular Korean music TV shows! You can now live stream Korea's hottest TV shows, "M COUNTDOWN" and "K POP COUNTDOWN," and watch the competition live on VOD streaming!
KKBOX brings you America's mega rock band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, live from FAN Gig in Berlin, Germany! With exclusive broadcasting rights in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, this is KKBOX's first live stream outside of Asia!
2016 Aug
KKBOX has announced that there are now over 30 million songs in its music library, bringing users a better music experience than ever!
KKTV, an OTT VOD streaming service platform under the KKCompany, is now officially live! New KKTV-registered users can experience the full service for 7 days. KKBOX Platinum members can enjoy KKTV for up to 3 months free!
2016 Jul
KKBOX LIVE has attracted millions of streams in the first half of 2016 (KKBOX Music Awards not included). Based on the multitude of streaming user data, we have discovered that over 90% of users use a mobile device to listen to music and view video content, such as concerts. Each user averaged 30 minutes of watching time on a live stream, while the archived streamed replay time was about 1 hour.
2016 Jun
Tiffany from the Korean pop group, Girl's Generation, has joined KKBOX to promote the "Listen With" service. The simultaneous online broadcast in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia attracted over 16,000 fans in just one hour. The fans also left over 65,000 messages for her, making this one of the highest-grossing foreign performers joining KKBOX's "Listen With"!
2016 May
Twitter joins KKBOX to promote C-pop worldwide!Twitter announced a partnership with Asian digital music leader KKBOX to introduce Mandarin music, or C-pop (#Cpop), to music fans all over the world. More C-pop artists are joining the Twitterverse to help KKBOX promote C-pop music to the world!
2016 Mar
KKBOX is fully supports the "HBL High School Basketball Games" and has introduced a dedicated "HBL" area on the platform to provide nearly 30 basketball-themed listening lists and over 500 songs for your enjoyment!Vocal dance group, GENTLEMAN, and rapping duo, Under Lover, have also been invited to the HBL games to perform and cheer on the games!
2016 Feb
The legendary Beatles with their complete 14 studio albums and 3 selected greatest-hits albums are featured on KKBOX!
2016 Jan
The 11th KKBOX Music Awards brought together 15 artists from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. The show was broadcast and streamed live on 19 Asian TV stations, with 9 billion views accumulated by members.The Awards this year showcased the most advanced stage effects in Taiwan. There were some 600 computerized lights and over 1,500 LEDs on site, including the first "Hollow LED" lighting equipment to be used in Taiwan, rivaling any concerts staged internationally.
2015 Oct
KKBOX is your music buddy for life! With the new "KKBOX ON AIR," KKBOX now links over 100 specialty coffee shops and stores, and offers 100 private listening lists to enjoy!
2015 Sep
Following KKBOX for Apple Watch, it’s now on Android Wear smart watch! The exclusive KKBOX feature allows offline listening on Android Watch without turning on the smart phone.
2015 Aug
With big data research and in-depth knowledge to local music taste, KKBOX now offers personalized music recommendation as well as “Mood Playlist” and “Editor's Pick Playlist” for members to easily explore more than 20 millions of KKBOX tunes.
2015 Jul
During the period of singer Jiang Hui’s “Blessings” farewell concert series, KKBOX offered “Playlist of Jiang Hui’s 100 Hit Chart Songs” compiled from Jiang’s 34 albums and 416 songs on KKBOX, to honor her music career.
First in Asia! KKBOX hosted the live concert broadcast of Blur, the legendary band from the United Kingdom, and had an online audience of over 1.5 million!
2015 Jun
KKBOX launched unique visual themes in all markets! You can change the theme of the KKBOX App on your smart phones or tablets and enjoy a listening experience with more fun!
2015 May
KKBOX announced Apple Watch compatibility of its app after the supports to smart phones, tablets, smart TVs and digital media players.
2015 Feb
The 10th KKBOX Music Awards invited 17 top-notch artists from Taiwan, HK, Japan and Korea; the powerful combination of the area’s elite performers attracted millions of online TV and Internet audience, and the video views reached 8 billions comparing to last year’s 5 billions.
2014 Dec
Now you can enjoy KKBOX music service on your TV through Chromecast from Google, or choose from 20 million songs on your smart phones or tablets!
2014 Nov
“Eason x KKBOX x Facebook” – the most thrilling teamwork ever! KKBOX worked with Facebook to deliver Eason Chen’s Hong Kong concert to over 200,000 online audience!
2014 Oct
KKBOX obtained exclusive digital rights to singer Yu-sheng Chang’s early works to offer albums such as “Think of You Eevryday”, “Miss Me” and “Six Friends” to its members.
KKBOX rolled out the “Eason's Secret Stage” campaign in Hong Kong, which won the “Best Use of Digital Platforms” runner-up award in Kam Fan Awards 2015.
2014 Sep
KKBOX unveiled the “Single-Play” series of commercials, which received the Best Media Commercial Merit Award in the Kam Fan Awards 2015 given by HK4As; the series also won the Best Brand Experience Bronze Award in the 2015 Effie Awards.
2014 Aug
KKBOX received investment from GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund.
2014 May
The "Born Diva", A-Lin, makes a special guest appearance opening the “KKBOX LIVE!” concert series. KKBOX looked through its 10-million member database to find A-Lin’s biggest fans and tell them about the event, and A-Lin’s “Going the Lin Distance” concert was just about sold out within the hour. We are truly entering the era of easy mobile ticketing, with over 70% of tickets purchased via handheld devices.
2014 Mar
KKTIX holds its first KKBOX members-only special offer with a chance to attend an exclusive pre-release of Khalil Fong’s latest album, “Dangerous World.”
2014 Feb
This year, the 9th Annual KKBOX Music Awards was held at the Taipei Arena again! To allow more KKBOX members to participate in this annual event, we have set up additional general admission sections. All tickets were given out within 72 hours once the online event began. On February 22, 12,000 members joined the largest annual Chinese pop music event in Asia.
2013 Oct
KKBOX partners with AIS, the biggest telecom in Thailand, to launch the service in the local market.
2013 Sep
KKBOX starts e-ticket business. "KKBOX Ticket Booth" is estimated to provide service in January 2014.
2013 Jun
The online music service “LISMO unlimited powered by Recochoku” is renamed as “KKBOX” in Japan, KKBOX launches in Japan officially.
KKBOX collaborates with artists Yoga Lin, Lala Hsu and Willian Wei to have a TVC shooting with charity programme.
2013 May
The Development of KKBOX in Asia gains the concern of international media like The Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal, while BBC interviews KKBOX co-founder, Chris Lin.
2013 Mar
KKBOX announces the partnership with StarHub, a leading telecommunication company in Singapore.
2013 Jan
More than 10,000 fans attend the 8th KKBOX Music Awards at the Taipei Arena, while the program is broadcasted on television in 10+ countries.
KKBOX launches its service in Singapore and Malaysia.
2012 Dec
Rock band Mayday hosts a live broadcast session on KKBOX, allowing fans to “Listen with” them, making a record of more than 50,000 fans to follow them online at the same time.
2012 Nov
Mayday, Cosmospeople, and Yen-j act in the KKBOX annual TVC campaign.
2012 Sep
KKBOX holds the event “Listen with artists - face to face” to promote its “Listen with” social network feature.
2012 Jun
KKBOX launches its Music Store in Taiwan, offering download services of legal music.
2012 May
KKBOX introduces a new CIS and announces new corporate mission, which is to bring people together and closer to their shared passion of music & artists.
2012 Apr
KKBOX becomes the first music app partner of Facebook in the Asia-Pacific region.
2012 Mar
New function "Listen With" launches on mobile version.
2012 Jan
7th KKBOX Music Awards ceremony - a superstar lineup attracts a lot of audiences
7th KKBOX Music Awards - the list of winners creates a buzz.
2011 Nov
The version of Window Phone Mango totally upgraded.
KKBOX 5.0 launches, the sharing functions go online.
2011 Sep
KKBOX launched a new function “Listen With” for music community.
2011 Jun
KKBOX launches cloud service in Japan.
2011 Mar
KKBOX and Chunghwa Telecom copes to launch “Easy To Broadcast Professional” which is the first public broadcasting music service on the world.
Music services go global after HTC invests in KKBOX.
2011 Jan
KKBOX publishes Chinese pop music magazine "KKBOX Music Monthly".
KKBOX' Windows Phone version hits the market, it is the first music app for Window Phones in Taiwan.
The 6th KKBOX Music Awards announces the winner list.
More than 6,500 music fans attend the 6th KKBOX Music Awards.
Apple Inc. announces the top download chart of App Store in 2010, which KKBOX comes in third-place for iPhones and first-place for iPads.
2010 Dec
KDDI Corporation of Japan announces to acquire 76% of KKBOX shares, turning KKBOX into a subsidiary.
2010 Nov
KKBOX earns the national acclaim, winning top honors in the e-21 Golden Web Award
2010 Oct
KKBOX iPhone version gains national honors, winning "Outstanding App Award" of IT Month.
2010 Jun
KKBOX releases iPhone 3.0 version, it is the first legal music streaming service in th world which support iOS 4.0 and iPad.
KKBOX and the mainland's CETV team up to produce a TV program introducing Chinese music.
2010 Feb
KKBOX collaborates with Chunghwa Telecom to launch “HiFree” service, providing music and video content on an integrated platform.
2009 Nov
KKBOX Hong Kong launches, bringing KKBOX services to Hong Kong and Macau, it is the first oversea market of KKBOX.
2009 Sep
KKBOX launched a version for Android phones, bringing KKBOX music services to all smartphone.
2009 Jun
KKBOX and the Golden Melody Awards held an online poll for “My Favourite Songs”, Nearly 50,000 people participate to vote, Jacky Cheung and Jody (Jiang Hui) share the award of The Best Song.
After getting 170,000 people to vote, KKBOX announces the results of “Who Will Be The Next of Golden Melody Awards 20”, Crowd Lu gets the highest number of votes, earning the awards for the best new artist and the best album.
2009 Jan
KKBOX air goes online, it is the first music channel service.
KKBOX iPhone and iPod Touch versions hit the market, successfully entering the Apple iTunes Store, it is the first legal online music services for iPhone and iPod Touch.
2008 Oct
KKBOX launches "togo beta service" provides millions of songs.
2008 Sep
KKBOX 4.0 debuted, new app with revolutionary functions go online.
KKBOX launched the music software for Mac, which is the first legal music platform for mac users.
2008 Aug
KKBOX dominates the market with 80% market share, following with Yahoo! Music, KKBOX joins MSN Music, keep expanding its music territory.
KKBOX gains the exclusive right to release Lala Shu’s new song “Starlight Festival”, get 150,000 times of clicks.
2008 Jun
The first album of Jam Hsiao headstarts exclusively on KKBOX, which draws a lot of clicks and become the No.1 within one day."
2008 Apr
KKBOX wins the champion of the 11th IT Choice for the Best Innovative App Service which held by Institute for Information Industry.
2008 Jan
The 3rd KKBOX Music Awards announces the winner list which Jay Chou, Gary Chaw, Joline Tsai and Mayday are the biggest winners.
2007 Dec
KKBOX honored with "e-21 Golden Web Award" and "2007 IT Month Outstanding App Award"
KKBOX "Top Music Channel" goes online, with a jury line-up of the top judges, including John Yuan (Yuan Wei-ren), Kay Huang (Huang Yun-ling), Yao Chien, Bao Xiao-song, Sandee Chan (Chen Shan-ni) and Chen Chien-ning, giving an online platform to backstage action.
2007 Nov
KKBOX and BlueGenii jointly launch Wireless Music Box, allowing music lovers to listen to music anywhere.
2007 Oct
No more illegal background music on blogs! KKBOX leads the way with the first legal free music box for blog background music services, bring the new service to 9 million bloggers.
2007 Sep
KKBOX launches a session named as "Classic Music Hall", collecting over 2000 Chinese oldies, Mickey Huang is invited to be the guest speaker to talk about the history of Chinese music from 1980 to 1990.
KKBOX occupies about 80 percent of the market share in the digital music market, helping it to dominate the industry.
2007 Jun
KKBOX, MioLife and e7play copes to set up "Million Star Player Zone”, providing hot songs from the hot TV programme “Million Star”.
KKBOX gets the exclusive right of Jay Chou’s new song "Secret", providing 30-second free listening and pre-order program.
2007 Apr
The project "KKBOX Impossible Mix" offers DRM-free download of Angela Chang and Sodagreen’s song “Blue Eye”, it is the first song for legal download in Taiwan.
2006 Nov
KKBOX gains the exclusive right to release Vivian Hsu’ song "Good Tears, Bad Tears".
2006 Sep
KKBOX set up “Mental Music Center" to provode music channels for about 2,000 songs, providing songs of different themes which helps to heal people hearts.
2006 Feb
KKBOX holds the first digital music award ceremony in Taiwan- KKBOX Digital Awards. It has become the most important annual event for digital music.
2005 Oct
KKBOX is founded in Taiwan.
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