Album Intro

2018 ØZI Debut album [Physical copies of the album will be limited]

The 21 year old singer, rapper, song-writer, music producer, and MV director redefines the generation’s perception of Hip-hop and R&B.

Romantic, sexual, infectious, and ambitious.
“Like a nuclear bomb to the music scene”.

20 years ago, R&B was introduced to the Mandarin pop music industry. The fusion between western R&B melodic riffs and Mandarin poetic lyrics created a sound that was never heard before. Years later, R&B has evolved into diverse styles, one being “PBR&B". To express the romantic, sexual, and infectious sensation of PBR&B requires a very particular set of vocal skills and techniques. Not a lot of artists have attempted to try the style, until the appearance of ØZI.

With his unique sound and effortless charm, the 21 year old R&B singer and rapper has made big waves in the scene long before this upcoming debut album. He made it clear in the very beginning that he was going to be the brightest shining star with the song “Title” that he self-released in early 2017. The song caught the attention of the media and fans of hip-hop. He then followed up with the song “Paradise Island” that brought Mandarin PBR&B into a complete new level, demonstrating his ability to create phenomenal sounds. The hype around ØZI has made this upcoming album the most anticipated album of the year.

The debut is ØZI’s statement to bring Mandarin R&B to an international scale. Together with producers Razor Chiang and MCKY, they completed something revolutionary.

“ØZI: The Album” is an album that will push boundaries and change the way people listen to Mandarin R&B forever.