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Super Junior is a South Korea boy band formed by S.M.Entertainment in 2005. The group debuted with 12 members : Leeteuk(leader) , Heechul, HanGeng, YeSung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, DongHae, SiWon, Ryeowook, Kibum and later added a 13th member named KyuHyun. However, only 10 of the members were participated in their latest studio album – “Mr.Simple” due to Han Geng's lawsuit with S.M. Entertainment which led to him leaving the group (now pursuing his own singing career in the Mandarin pop entertainment industry), Heechul and Kangin's temporary leave of absence for mandatory military service, and Kibum's pursuit of an acting career.

Studio albums
SuperJunior05 (2005)
Don't Don (2007)
Sorry, Sorry (2009)
Bonamana (2010)
Mr. Simple (2011)
Korean Single Album
Show Me Your Love (with TVXQ) (2005)
U (2006)
Japanese Single Album
美人 (BONAMANA) (2011.6.8)
Mr. Simple (2011.12.7)

Sexy, Free & Single (2012)
Live Albums
Super Show Tour Concert Album (2008)
1st PREMIUM LIVE in Japan (2009)
Super Show 2 Tour Concert Album (2009)

Musical style
As a whole, Super Junior has released five studio albums and one physical single, including occasional contributions to drama soundtracks. They are acclaimed for their vocal harmonization and unison as each member contributes a different position range in their music. Some members are credited for their vocal belting techniques.

Super Junior works closely with Yoo Young-jin, who has produced and arranged most of the group's promotional singles since debut. Yoo's also known for creating the renowned SMP style, a genre that includes a balanced infusion of rock, R&B, and rap, with complementing musical elements such as the electric guitar, bass, and other different percussion instruments. Super Junior has prominently used this SMP style in "Don't Don".

Super Junior displayed a wide genre concept for each and every albums: they pursued bubblegum pop in SuperJunior05; ethereal andalternative rock in Don't Don; pop and contemporary R&B in Sorry, Sorry and Bonamana; and electropop and synthpop in Mr. Simple. The group has also covered few songs in their albums. Their debut single "Twins (Knock Out)" is a cover of Triple Eight's "Knockout," which was released in 2003. While the musical style is mostly maintained as the original, "Twins (Knock Out)" touches closer to rap rock, with quicker rap and more emphasis on the bass.

Dance Style
Super Junior are known for doing performances that are heavily centered around their choreography, and are acclaimed for their highly synchronized dances. The group's pre-debut performance was a hip hop dance and they have also joined B-boy battles and performances throughout their career.

Their dance styles are widely termed as street dancing, with a majority of their choreography containing hip hop dance moves such as popping, waving, floating, and liquid dancing. Dances in the form of martial arts are widely used in their dance routines as Han Geng and Sungmin are professionally trained in that area. Shindong was the main choreographer for "U" and for a majority of the group's other dance sequences. Eunhyuk choreographed the dance for "Boom, Boom" (Fourth Album) and also worked with the other members to create the dance choreography for "Don't Don" and "Marry U", both promotional singles for the group's second album.


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