Playlist description

No need for plane tickets and hotel reservations, this playlist will take you down the enigmatic streets of Tokyo, all the way to the relaxing Onsen towns of Hakone.

Even as travel plans cancel, we can still go on a journey in the comforts of our own rooms. We just need a little magic because after all, music has the power to move hearts 🎶 So goodbye cabin fever, hello virtual travel!

Want your favourite Japanese songs to be featured on this list too? Shoot us a comment and let us know!


カゲロウ   04:07
打上花火   04:49
声をきかせて   04:13
FULL MOON   03:59
心做し   04:36
Best Friend   05:19
LIFE   03:38
Pretender   05:26
Deeper Deeper   03:36
BANG!   03:38
Pick Me Up   03:50
さくらんぼ     03:57
mint   03:55
~TOMORROW Version~   05:16
Dragon Night   03:49
Flying Get     04:14
僕のこと   05:21
Pride Kakumei   03:55
Hikarunara   04:12
Remember Me   04:48
NA   04:18
Lemon   04:16
いつかきっと   04:57
Jet Set Music!~Enjoy ver.~
大原櫻子 - CAM ON!~5th Anniversary Best~
The Others   03:26
Sparkle - movie ver.   08:57
Kaerimichiwa Toomawarishitakunaru   04:29
花に亡霊   04:00