Proof of Existence(English Ver.)

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Lyricist: すこっぷ・英語歌詞:Mes     Composer: すこっぷ

Honestly all I want is to have someone
to love me just for me and remember the songs that I've sung
The river in my heart no longer runs
I try to find a star, even though there is none

At last, I still cannot tear off the shinny sticker that's
been in my heart all along
No one's able to tell who I am 'cause I
put on a heavily filtered smile

I try to prove my existence with a lie
I don't want to let life and time pass me by
Hundreds of butterflies, scalding tears and red eyes
My unstable heart struggles every passing night
Which one is the real me, do you think you can recognize?

The jokes of hers grate harshly on my ears
She has no thought to spare for any one of her friends or peers
Entrust my worth to whoever's in charge
Go lock my heart up and put myself behind bars

With just a single simple anonymous comment,
my self-esteem starts to sway
Enough! I want to leave everything and break away
If only there's another chance for a change

I try hard to prove my beingless existence
Put on hollow masks and telling absurd lies
Don't know what I should do or where I'm heading to
if only my anxiety could be subdued

Becoming prettier
Becoming popular
We've opened our eyes to a brand new world
In the end, we finally find out that nothing is true
Now what are we gonna do?

I try to prove my existence with a lie
No matter where it leads, I will follow the tide
Words with double meanings and a corner in your mind
Is there still a place for me to occupy?

All I want is just to stay right by your side
I will never let life and time pass me by
Take off the hollow masks, no more heart-breaking lies
Look for the oasis where I truly should be
Shout myself hoarse and I hope you will hear my scream
I wonder if you can see what is the realest me