Meatball Submarine

Lyricist: Mili    Composer: Mili

Tomato Sauce Simmering with onion blocks
How exciting
Butter up the sourdough submarine
Marinara flavored bedding
Meatball seats in my submarine
Delivery under the sea
So I leap
And Swim against Atlantic Stream
To Show you what i’ve achieved
Going deep
tonight we’ll make dinner a feast
Just Count it on me
Just Count it on me
Soaring though the barnacle valleys
And Peachy Coral reefs
Wait for me
Tonight we’ll make dinner a feast
Just Count it on me
Just Count it on me

Parmesan crispy skin
Tasty dilemma Carbohydrates
Season up the gluten-free submarine
Slather in mascarpone cheese
Meatball seats in my submarine
Prime shipping under the sea

Beep beep beep
what’s going on
Radars went off
Showing the sharks on the screen
Closing in
The Sharks opened their mouths
They’re biting on me
They’re biting on me

Licked off my mayonnaise dressing
Tored off my cheddar sliced cheese
I may be weak
But I’ll fight your enemies
So count it on me
Just count it on me

Pierce and pierce and pierce and pierce it though
All their tiny brains
An eye for eye
And Arm for arm
I’m invincible

Veggie and cheese
So many submarine
Marine marine sub
Roast beef
And teriaki

So I leap
And race against those submarines
To Show you what I’ve achieved
Increased Speed
Tonight we’ll make dinner a feast
So cheer for me please
Just cheer for me please

Instead of looking at me
You’ve decided on the roast beef submarine
Tomorrow I’ll come back again
So wait for me please
Just wait for me please