Full Track

  1. Ballade Pour Adeline (DSD Remastered)
  2. A Comme Amour 'L For Love' (DSD Remastered)
  3. Nocturne (DSD Remastered)
  4. Für Elise 'Letter For Elise' (DSD Remastered)
  5. I Love You 'Je T'aime' (DSD Remastered)
  6. Lyphard Melody (DSD Remastered)
  7. Lettre A Ma Mere 'Letter to My Mother' (DSD Remastered)
  8. Au-delà Des Souvenirs (DSD Remastered)
  9. Les Fleurs Sauvages (DSD Remastered)
  10. Aline (DSD Remastered)
  11. Moonlight Sonata (DSD Remastered)
  12. Dolannes Melodie (DSD Remastered)
  13. Murmures (DSD Remastered)
  14. Clair De Lune (DSD Remastered)
  15. Ave Maria (DSD Remastered)
  16. Couleur Tendresse (DSD Remastered)
  17. Autum Leaves 'Les Feuilles Mortes' (DSD Remastered)
  18. Love is Like a Tide (DSD Remastered)
  19. Mariage D'amour 'Wedding Of Love' (DSD Remastered)
  20. Souvenirs D'enfance 'Childhood Memories' (DSD Remastered)
  21. Music Box Dancer (DSD Remastered)
  22. Strangers In the Night (DSD Remastered)
  23. Chariots Of Fire (DSD Remastered)
  24. La Tendresse (DSD Remastered)
  25. Don't Know Why (DSD Remastered)
  26. Eleana (DSD Remastered)
  27. Romeo and Juliette (DSD Remastered)
  28. My Way 2006 (DSD Remastered)
  29. Winter Sonata (DSD Remastered)
  30. Beyond The Sea (DSD Remastered)
  31. Jardin Secret 'Secret Garden' (DSD Remastered)
  32. Plaisir D'amour (DSD Remastered)
  33. As Time Goes By (DSD Remastered)
  34. Don't Cry For Me Argentina (DSD Remastered)
  35. Love Story (DSD Remastered)
  36. Let It Be (DSD Remastered)
  37. The Sound Of Silence (DSD Remastered)
  38. Yesterday (DSD Remastered)
  39. I Will Always Love You (DSD Remastered)
  40. Sukiyaki (DSD Remastered)
  41. Feelings (DSD Remastered)
  42. Unchained Melody (DSD Remastered)
  43. Moon River (DSD Remastered)
  44. My Heart Will Go On (DSD Remastered)
  45. May It Be (DSD Remastered)
  46. Perhaps Love (DSD Remastered)
  47. Only You (DSD Remastered)
  48. When You Tell Me That You Love Me (DSD Remastered)
  49. You're Beautiful (DSD Remastered)
  50. All By Myself (DSD Remastered)
  51. When a Man Loves a Woman (DSD Remastered)
  52. How Deep is Your Love (DSD Remastered)
  53. Invisible (DSD Remastered)
  54. We've Only Just Begun (DSD Remastered)

Chariots Of Fire (DSD Remastered)

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